What Is Roland Garros 2023 Prize Money?

This year, the Roland-Garros tournament will provide a total of 49.6 million euros in prize money, an increase of 12.3% from the previous year.

The organizers have made efforts to improve the distribution of prize money among players by significantly increasing the amount awarded for the early rounds of the singles draw and continuing to increase the amounts for qualifying, wheelchair tennis, and quad events.

The singles draw prize money has also increased by 9.1% from 2022, with significant increases in the prize money for the first three rounds (between 11% and 13%).

Main Draw Singles: Women's & Men's Prize Money (€)
Winner2,300,000 €
Runner-Up1,150,000 €
Semi-Finalist630,000 €
Quarter-Finalist400,000 €
4th Round240,000 €
3rd Round142,000 €
2nd Round97,000 €
1st Round69,000 €

Building on the efforts of the 2022 edition, the tournament organizers are continuing to increase the prize money for the three rounds of qualifying, with an average increase of 11.8%.

Qualifying Singles: Women's & Men'sPrize Money (€)
Round 3 loser34,000 €
Round 2 loser22,000 €
Round 1 loser16,000 €

Additionally, the prize money for the men’s and women’s doubles events will increase by 4%.

Main Draw Doubles: Women's & Men'sPrize Money (€)
Champions590,000 €
Runners-Up295,000 €
Semi-Finalists148,000 €
Quarter-Finalists80,000 €
3rd Round43,000 €
2nd Round27,000 €
1st Round17,000 €

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