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Training tennis aids are used as complementary tools to supplement your training regimen and will help you in your practice to improve your skills, here are some reasons:

Skill Development: Training accessories are designed to help players improve specific aspects of their game, such as technique, footwork, accuracy, power, and control. By using these aids, you can focus on targeted areas of improvement and develop your skills more effectively.

Consistency: It provides players with consistent practice opportunities. They allow you to repeat specific movements, shots, or drills over and over again, which helps to develop muscle memory and improve consistency in executing strokes.

Independent Practice: Tennis training equipment enables you to practice on your own, without the need for a partner. This is particularly beneficial when you want to work on specific aspects of your game or when a practice partner is not available. It allows players to train at their own pace and convenience.

Variety and Challenge: Training aids offer a range of drills and exercises that can add variety to practice sessions. They introduce new challenges and help you simulate game-like situations, improving your ability to adapt and respond effectively on the court.

Confidence Building: Using training aids can enhance your confidence. As you see improvements in your skills and witness progress over time, it boosts your self-assurance on the court.

Conditioning and Fitness: Certain training aids, like speed and agility equipment, help you enhance your physical conditioning, speed, and agility. These tools contribute to overall fitness and can have a positive impact on your performance.

Adaptability: Tennis training equipment can be used in various settings, including tennis courts, indoor facilities, or even at home. This flexibility will allow you to continue your training regardless of the availability of practice partners or weather conditions.

To choose the perfect aids for you, you have to think and find first what you want to correct or improve and then you will choose easily your training equipments!

In this guide, I will give you a quick list of the best tennis training aids!

  • Blazepod
  • Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach Pro Portable Tennis Trainer
  • Magnetic and dry-erase coach’s board
  • Radar Coach
  • Fast Ambition Speed & Agility Training Equipment

Blazepod: Think quicker, enhance skills, and boost fitness

blazepod training kit

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Blazepod is a versatile training system that consists of small, portable, and wireless light pods that can be used in a variety of sports, including tennis. Here’s why Blazepod can be useful for tennis training:

  • Reaction Time and Agility: Blazepod helps improve a player’s reaction time and agility, which are crucial in tennis. The pods can be set up on the court, and players must quickly respond to the light signals by moving to the corresponding pod or performing a specific action. This enhances players’ ability to anticipate and react to shots during a match.


  • Footwork and Movement: Blazepod can be used to create drills that focus on footwork and movement patterns specific to tennis. Players can set up pods in different areas of the court, requiring them to move quickly and efficiently to reach each pod. This helps develop agility, speed, and proper court coverage.


  • Visual Focus and Concentration: Tennis requires strong visual focus and concentration. Blazepod exercises can be designed to improve a player’s visual acuity and ability to maintain focus. By reacting to the light signals, players train their eyes to quickly process visual information and stay focused on the task at hand.


  • Multi-Directional Training: Tennis involves movements in multiple directions, including forward, backward, sideways, and diagonal. Blazepod can be programmed to provide cues in different directions, helping players improve their ability to change directions quickly and efficiently on the court.


  • Competition and Motivation: Blazepod offers the option of creating competitive drills and challenges. Players can compete against each other or strive to beat their own best times or scores. This adds a fun and motivating element to training sessions, keeping players engaged and pushing them to improve.


  • Portable and Versatile: Blazepod’s portability allows it to be used on any tennis court or training facility. The pods can be easily set up and adjusted according to the specific training goals. They can also be used indoors or outdoors, making it a versatile training tool.


  • Real-Time Performance Tracking: Blazepod’s accompanying app provides real-time performance tracking, allowing players to monitor their progress and identify areas for improvement. The data collected can be used to set benchmarks, track improvements over time, and tailor training programs to specific needs.

Blazepod can help tennis players enhance their reaction time, agility, footwork, focus, and competitiveness. It provides a dynamic and engaging training experience that targets key aspects of the game, contributing to improved on-court performance.

Billie Jean King's Self-Practice Tennis Training System

Billie Jean King's Eye Coach Pro Tennis Swing

Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach Pro Portable Tennis Trainer is a self-practice training system designed to improve topspin and sweet spot contact in tennis. It consists of a sturdy base with a retractable cord attached to a tennis ball at one end. The trainer is accompanied by a booklet or manual that provides 17 different drills for various aspects of topspin and sweet spot training.

The Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach Pro HPortable Tennis Trainer is useful for several reasons:

  • Improved Topspin: The Eye Coach Pro is specifically designed to help players develop and improve their topspin shots. Topspin is a crucial element in tennis as it allows players to generate more control, consistency, and depth in their shots. The trainer provides a platform for players to focus on their topspin technique and develop a consistent topspin stroke.

  • Sweet Spot Contact: The trainer emphasizes the importance of hitting the ball at the sweet spot of the racket. The sweet spot is the most effective area of the racket for generating power and control. By practicing with the Eye Coach Pro, players can improve their timing, hand-eye coordination, and precision in making clean contact with the ball at the sweet spot.


  • Self-Practice: It allows players to practice tennis on their own, without the need for a hitting partner. This self-practice capability is especially valuable when players don’t have regular access to a hitting partner or when they want to focus on specific aspects of their game. It provides an opportunity for players to work on their topspin and sweet spot contact skills at their own convenience.


  • Portability: The Eye Coach Pro is portable and can be easily set up in various locations, including tennis courts, backyards, or indoor spaces. This portability allows players to take their training with them wherever they go, ensuring that they can consistently practice and refine their topspin and sweet spot contact skills.


  • Drill Variety: The trainer comes with 17 training videos and personalized support. These drills provide a variety of practice exercises that target different aspects of topspin and sweet spot contact. The range of drills keeps training sessions engaging, challenging and helps players progress and improve over time.


  • Technique Reinforcement: Using the Eye Coach Pro allows players to reinforce proper technique and form. The consistent repetition of drills helps players develop muscle memory for a consistent and efficient topspin stroke. It also helps players become more aware of their swing patterns, body positioning, and timing, enabling them to make necessary adjustments and refine their technique.


  • Time Efficiency: With the Eye Coach Pro, players can maximize their practice time. The trainer allows for focused and efficient practice sessions, eliminating the time spent retrieving balls and setting up drills. This enables players to dedicate more time to actual hitting and improving their topspin and sweet spot contact skills.


  • Confidence Building: Regular practice with the Eye Coach Pro can boost a player’s confidence. As players see improvement in their topspin and sweet spot contact, it enhances their belief in their abilities, leading to increased confidence during matches and competitive situations.


It is a valuable tool for players looking to develop and refine their topspin and sweet spot contact skills. It offers convenience, versatility, and a structured approach to self-practice, leading to improved performance on the tennis court.

Magnetic Dry-Erase Coach’s Board

Magnetic and dry-erase coach’s board

The Magnetic and Dry Erase Coach’s Board from OnCourt OffCourt is a useful tool for tennis coaches and players for several reasons:

  • Strategy and Communication: The coach’s board provides a visual platform for coaches to communicate strategies, tactics, and game plans to players. It allows coaches to illustrate various scenarios, court positioning, shot selection, and other important aspects of the game. This enhances communication and understanding between the coach and the players.

  • Tactical Analysis: Coaches can use the board to analyze and discuss match situations, identify strengths and weaknesses, and develop effective strategies. They can draw and annotate on the board, highlighting key areas, patterns of play, and potential adjustments. This visual analysis helps players better understand and implement tactical changes during matches.

  • Player Engagement: The board encourages active participation and engagement from players. Coaches can involve players in the discussion by asking them to contribute their thoughts and insights. The interactive nature of the board facilitates player-coach collaboration and fosters a deeper understanding of the game.

  • Learning Tool: The coach’s board serves as an educational tool for players to learn and grasp tennis concepts. Coaches can use the board to teach tennis terminology, explain different strokes, demonstrate strategies, and provide visual references for various aspects of the game. This visual learning enhances players’ understanding and retention of information.

  • Practice Planning: The board can be used to design and illustrate practice drills, training routines, and specific exercises. Coaches can map out practice sessions, showing players the objectives, rotations, and patterns they need to follow. This helps create structure and focus during practice, maximizing the effectiveness of training sessions.

  • Pre-match Preparation: Coaches can utilize the board to plan and discuss pre-match routines, warm-up strategies, and mental preparation techniques. They can visually outline players’ roles, responsibilities, and goals before heading into a match. This preparation aids players in being mentally and physically ready for competition.

  • Portable and Reusable: The coach’s board is typically designed to be portable and lightweight, making it convenient for coaches to carry and use in various settings. The magnetic and dry-erase surface allows for easy erasing and updating of information, enabling coaches to quickly adapt and modify their coaching plans as needed.

The Magnetic and Dry Erase Coach’s Board is a valuable tool that enhances communication, facilitates strategy development, supports learning, and promotes effective coaching and player engagement in tennis.

Radar Coach

The Radar Coach is a training tool designed to measure the speed of tennis shots. It is a device that uses radar technology to accurately measure the velocity of the ball during various strokes, such as serves, groundstrokes, volleys, or overheads.

The Radar Coach from OnCourt OffCourt is a useful tool for tennis players and coaches due to the following reasons:

  • Speed Measurement: The Radar Coach accurately measures the speed of tennis shots, providing players with real-time feedback on the velocity of their serves, groundstrokes, and other shots. This information allows players to track their progress, set goals, and monitor improvements in their shot speed over time.

  • Objective Performance Assessment: The Radar Coach provides an objective measure of shot speed, eliminating the need for subjective judgments or estimates. Players can gauge their performance and compare it to benchmarks or standards, helping them identify areas for improvement and evaluate the effectiveness of technique modifications.

  • Serve Development: It is particularly beneficial for serve development. Players can use it to measure their serve speed, track variations in speed between different types of serves (e.g., first serve vs. second serve), and work on increasing their serving power. It provides a tangible metric to assess the effectiveness of different serving techniques and strategies.

  • Training Intensity and Consistency: The Radar Coach helps players maintain consistent training intensity. By measuring shot speed, players can ensure they are generating sufficient power and speed during practice sessions. This feedback encourages players to maintain a high level of effort and intensity, enhancing the quality and effectiveness of their training.

  • Competition Simulation: The Radar Coach can be used to simulate competitive scenarios during practice. Players can set specific speed targets or challenge themselves to reach higher speeds, replicating the pressure and intensity of real match situations. This simulation helps players develop the ability to perform at their best under competitive conditions.

  • Motivation and Goal Setting: The Radar Coach provides players with tangible data to set goals and measure progress. The ability to track shot speed improvements can serve as a source of motivation and help players stay focused on their training objectives. Players can set specific targets and work towards increasing their shot speed over time.

  • Coaching and Analysis: The Radar Coach assists coaches in analyzing player performance. Coaches can use the data to assess shot speed, identify technical deficiencies, and provide targeted feedback to players. This objective measurement adds credibility and precision to coaching evaluations, facilitating more effective instruction and skill development.

  • Skill Comparison: The Radar Coach allows players to compare their shot speed with that of their peers or professional players. This comparison provides a benchmark for players to understand where they stand in terms of shot velocity and can inspire them to strive for higher levels of performance.

  • Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation: The Radar Coach can be utilized for injury prevention and rehabilitation purposes. By monitoring shot speed, players can ensure they are not overexerting themselves and risking injury. It can also be used as a monitoring tool during the rehabilitation process, helping players gradually regain their shot speed and intensity while avoiding excessive strain.

The Radar Coach is a valuable tool that provides accurate shot speed measurement, objective performance assessment, competition simulation, and coaching support. It enhances training intensity, goal setting, motivation, and skill development for tennis players of all levels.

Fast Ambition Speed & Agility Training Equipment

In this set you will find 10 soccer cones, 4 agility hurdles, a running resistance parachute, 19.7’ sports agility ladders, and a skipping rope- the ultimate football agility training equipment set. 

I love this set because it gives you everything you need to train as an athlete at a lower price, here are some reasons why is it useful:

  • Speed and Agility Development: The set is designed to improve speed, agility, and quickness. The agility ladders, cones, and hurdles allow for a variety of speed and agility drills, helping athletes enhance their acceleration, change of direction, and overall agility.

  • Versatility: The set offers a wide range of training equipment, providing athletes with various options to target different aspects of their physical abilities. The agility ladders improve footwork and coordination, cones can be used for agility drills and marking training areas, hurdles enhance power and jumping ability, and the parachute adds resistance for speed development.

  • Dynamic Warm-Up:  It is useful for warming up before training or competitions. Players can perform dynamic warm-up exercises using agility ladders, cones, and hurdles, which help activate muscles, increase heart rate, and prepare the body for more intense activity.
  • Speed Training: The set includes tools specifically designed for speed training, such as the speed training ladder and the parachute. The ladder allows athletes to perform quick foot drills, improving stride frequency and coordination. The parachute provides resistance during sprints, helping to develop explosive speed and power.

  • Coordination and Body Control: The agility ladders, cones, and hurdles in the set require precise footwork and body control. Regular use of these training tools improves athletes’ coordination, balance, and proprioception, leading to better overall body control and movement efficiency.

  • Conditioning and Endurance: The set can be used for conditioning and endurance training. Athletes can perform drills using agility ladders, cones, and hurdles in high-intensity intervals, improving cardiovascular fitness, stamina, and endurance.

  • Skill Development: The set can be utilized to enhance specific sports skills. For example, soccer players can use the cones to practice dribbling and change directions, while football players can use the hurdles to simulate game-like jumping and agility movements.

  • Suitable for All Ages: The equipment set is suitable for both kids and adults, allowing athletes of all ages and skill levels to benefit from speed and agility training. The adjustable ladder and hurdles accommodate different heights and abilities, making it accessible for everyone.

  • Portability and Convenience: It comes with a carry bag, making it easy to transport and convenient for training sessions at different locations. Athletes can take the equipment to the gym, or practice field, or even use it in their own backyard.

This set offers a comprehensive selection of training tools to improve speed, agility, coordination, and endurance. It is versatile, suitable for various sports and age groups, and provides athletes with the opportunity to enhance their physical abilities in a convenient and portable manner.

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